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Don’t pay more to work with the middle man. Unlike the competition, SIS researches and develops many of our own products passing the savings on to you.

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Unlimited 24x7x365 access to Board-Certified licensed physicians without the expense of a doctor’s visit or the inconvenience of sitting in a waiting room with other sick people. Receive consultations, diagnosis, and prescriptions via FaceTime or Skype.

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Enhanced mobile device protection that eliminates an individual’s need for monthly cell phone insurance through a major carrier. Equal or better coverage, faster claim approvals, best in class security features, and next day reimbursement.

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Total Identity Monitoring®

Proactive monitoring of hundreds of millions of data points across public and non-public databases with automatic alerts for suspicious or malicious activity.

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Fully Managed Resolution

Full service identity theft restoration from a U.S. based certified resolution specialist to help investigate, remediate, and return victims to pre-theft status.

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ID Theft Reimbursement

Up to 1 million dollars of reimbursement for identity theft related expenses including lost wages during the restoration process while you are protected by SIS.

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Credit Services - Scores, Monitoring, Reports

Individuals can view their single or tri-bureau credit reports, scores, and receive daily monitoring updating them on their credit profile.

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Deductible reimbursement for any roadside assistance claims.

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Deductible reimbursement for any locksmith service claims.

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Patented software tool that encrypts information as it is typed at the keyboard level and stops the transfer of personal and sensitive information before it ends up in unwanted hands.

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Accidental Death & Dismemberment

Provides benefits to individuals for covered loss of life, limb, hearing, or sight resulting from an accident.

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